On Digital and Analog Signals


Have you ever wondered why some people claim that music stored on vinyl discs sounds so much better?  Is digital music really worse than analog?  There are many differences between the two mediums- the heart of the distinction lies in the difference between digital (discrete) and analog (continuous) data. Read More →

What Are Your Thoughts on Extra-Sensory Perception?

Molecular Thoughts

Some materialists consider the very mention of extra-sensory perception (ESP) to be evidence that a person has a weak grasp on reality. Those who do believe in it are often offended by such an attitude but cannot find a way of inviting the materialist to speculate about the existence of something that is beyond the usual five senses. Today’s post puts forward the argument that a rationalist method of creating a worldview can accommodate the possibility of ESP without necessarily taking a position that affirms it — something I often try to do with many controversial subjects. Read More →