Brain Model Pins Down Motor Decisions

Image Credit: University of Nottingham

Image Credit: University of Nottingham

Talking or reading. Texting a message or listening. The dilemma of choosing between various tasks is not an invention of the modern information age. Humans and all vertebrates have to prioritize their actions. But to understand the neurobiology of how these decisions are made is a challenging scientific problem. Now, the EU-funded project Select-and-Act, completed in 2012, has provided further insight into the problem. Read More →

Molecular Machines for Nanotech Applications

Two different assembly stages (purple and red) of the protein ubiquitin and the fluorescent probe used to visualize these stage (tryptophan: see yellow).

Enabling bioengineers to design new molecular machines for nanotechnology applications is one of the possible outcomes of a study by University of Montreal researchers that was published in Nature Structural and Molecular Biology yesterday (cited below). The scientists have developed a new approach to visualize how proteins assemble, which may also significantly aid our understanding of diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, which are caused by errors in assembly. Read More →