Nanopositioning and Image Stabilization


Nanotechnology has been discussed as one possible solution to image positioning problems that exist today. Recently a new nanopositioning device was introduced that’s far more affordable than previous models, and may provide an attractive alternative to engineers. This kind of technology has a number of OEM/research-related applications that are otherwise cost prohibitive today. Read More →

My Trip to the Space Show in NYC

© AMNH\R. Mickens.

When we were in NYC last week I got a chance to see Lockheed Martin’s Beyond Planet Earth: The Future of Space Exploration exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History. A few of the cooler things I saw:

  • A replica of the Mars Rover (shown above and in slideshow) – this was my favorite!
  • A device that lets you smell (yes smell) what air on the moon is like (Hint: It’s not that great)
  • An interactive display that lets you virtually terraform a habitable planet
  • A great display of an orbital elevator prototype
  • Asteroid mining education and exhibit
  • Recreation of a lunar habitat

If you can get away, I HIGHLY recommend it. The exhibit runs until August 12th and I can assure you, you won’t be disappointed. And yes, they have an app for the exhibit. I wanted to buy a replica space suit to wear while walking around NY but my better-half shot that idea down. I got a great coffee mug instead. :/

I got an extra bonus at the end of the day as well. When we were taking the ferry back to NJ I got to see the Enterprise Shuttle being loaded onto the aircraft carrier where it will be on display from now on. That spacecraft is BEAUTIFUL even if it never saw any action in space.

Forgive the bad pics…the lighting in the exhibit was darkened for special effect (that and I’m generally a terrible photographer).

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