Let’s Explore Hydrogen-Powered Cars

Credit: Aston Martin

Credit: Aston Martin

Hydrogen powered motor vehicles might best be described as a technology that started to emerge, stopped, went through several changes, and now has started to emerge once again. According to even rather old statements by researchers present at the Emerging Technologies Conference symposium at MIT, hydrogen cars are now a real possibility as a result of changes in design ethics. Read More →

Let’s Explore Rocket Propulsion

Even though the Chinese introduced rockets about 800 years ago, most of the important rocket development has taken place in the 20th Century.¬†A rocket engine is the component that makes travel at top velocities possible¬†and it is fueled through high-pressure movement of propellant material according to certain laws of physics – namely Isaac Newton’s Third Law of Motion. Rocket engines have structures that give them advantages over other types of engines and scientists are frequently applying technological improvements to them.

Simple Liquid Rocket Schematic

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