Remembering John F. Kennedy

John F. Kennedy

John F. Kennedy remains a shining knight of American political history. He was the youngest person to ascend to the presidency and the youngest president to die in office. He and his wife Jacqueline were icons of style, presiding over a glittering era that became known as Camelot. Read More →

Learn History with Timeline Eons [App Review]

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Printed timelines can only cover so much history, but the new Timeline Eons app for iOS covers literally billions of years worth of history starting with the Big Bang. And it does it in a really cool way. The Today in History option can help users to keep tabs on important events, though individuals can actually program in anniversary reminders if they purchase the full version. Even the free version has plenty of functionality though. Mobile device users can experiment with three trial events, though they’ll probably be more interested in the fact that they can browse all of Earth’s history for ten days.

Parents seem to think that children rot their brains on the Internet, but Timeline Eons actually has a few functions that could be useful for history projects. Coverage of topics like the Cuban Missile Crisis and the Battle of Britain should provide ample material for anyone cramming for a test. The only real drawback here is that some teachers might be a bit reluctant to accept citations from a mobile phone app, but most students can cite software these days anyhow.

People with an interest in paleontology might get the most out of the app, considering that it covers just about any geological age one can think of. I think students can benefit from this app in a very big way for sure.

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