Science App to Explore Human Consciousness


I was recently introduced to a new science-based initiative on Indiegogo that looks pretty exciting. Years of scientific laboratory work have gone into the project that the new app is based upon, so I thought I’d share what I’ve learned thus far. The idea of collective consciousness states that there is a real measurable relationship between human consciousness and the tangible world that we live in. This relationship is generally referred to as mind-matter interaction. This new Collective Consciousness app is designed to help us further understand these ideas. Read More →

Film Influence on Our Consciousness

Theorists have sometimes stressed that The Day The Earth Stood Still had a profound influence on the collective consciousness. Gort’s visit to Earth was witnessed on the silver screen across the globe in 1951. His mission seemed peaceful, despite his methods. Indeed, some people have suggested that the Klaatu character might have held religious significance.

Other film critics feel that his mission was unsettling, and that it meant extraterrestrial forces cared little about the Earth’s people. Regardless of which stance one takes, it’s easy to see that the film changed the way that people look at the human condition. It might also have caused many of the supposed UFO sittings of that time period.

Viewers might have subconsciously been influenced by the film’s depiction of otherworldly beings. They might very well have ultimately convinced themselves that they were able to see flying saucers around them. Mass delusion is a realistic explanation. It’s important to understand, however, that this neither proves nor disproves the existence of extraterrestrial life forms. It doesn’t even suggest that all alien spacecrafts viewed during the time period were phony. All it shows is that other forces may have been at work. Only an appropriate exploration program could truly provide proof either way.