What if the Darwinists and Creationists Are Wrong?

Origin of Life

Very little is really known about the origins of man because – as is the case with so many branches of science – new discoveries are constantly displacing old theories. Mankind is still largely viewed in Darwinian terms, except by those who subscribe to the beliefs of Christianity and the explanation of creation offered in the Book of Genesis. Read More →

The Impact of Death on Belief Systems

As demonstrated in Jessica L. Tracey’s paper, Death and Science: The Existential Underpinnings of Belief in Intelligent Design and Discomfort with Evolution (referenced below), many turn to intelligent design theory in search for meaning when faced with their own mortality. Despite the scientific proof supporting evolutionary theory (and the one that I believe is most accurate), intelligent design is perhaps a worthwhile theory because it provides people with what they seek, which is purpose and meaning. Read More →

Science and Faith: Are They Mortal Enemies?

There is no denying that there have been times when science and religion have been in conflict. Particularly in Western society, it appears that Science and the Christian faith are often pitted against one another. Read More →