Could Your Child Kill?

Image Credit: GlobalGrind

Image Credit: GlobalGrind

I’m currently taking a course focused on criminological theory and as I’ve been thinking through the theories, I’ve tried to better understand all of the things that can go wrong in a person that causes him/her to take the life of another. More specifically, how can this happen in the case of a child? Read More →

Collaborating to Improve Student Behavior

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Today, ClassDojo, a free behavior management platform for teachers, students and parents, is launching a ‘Class Sharing’ feature: the ability for teachers to share their classes with other teachers at their school. This enables teachers to collaborate in order to build positive behaviors and character strengths with their students across classrooms, throughout the school day. This is a positive step towards helping teachers break down the walls separating their classes, and providing them an easier way to consistently improve behavior with students as they move through classes during the school day. Read More →

Epistemology: Defining the Concept of Learning


Epistemology is the study of how humans acquire knowledge.  Human learning is best defined as a relatively permanent modification of behavior that comes about as the result of experience. Read More →

An Examination of ‘Emotional Design’

According to Donald Norman, cheap wine tastes better in a fancy glass. Norman, who is the author of several books that combine cognitive science with design, has come up with the concept of emotional design to explain how everyday objects can affect us. His concept is based on the idea that design consists of three levels: the visceral, the behavioral, and the reflective. Out of that follows that good design should look good, work well, and add meaning for the owner. Read More →