The Future of Personal Computing [Predictions]

Computing is evolving at an exponential rate, changing the world as it progresses. The first personal computers only appeared in the early 1980s, and the first Internet-enabled mobiles appeared in 1996. Now, the mobile internet is set to dominate the computer world (and the internet itself) for the foreseeable future. Nobody knows exactly how it will evolve, but these predictions may provide a realistic vision of the next 20 years. Let me know if you agree/disagree with my predictions. Read More →

Intelligent Life in the Universe


We cannot completely discount the possibility that alien life will look or act like us, not least of all given the statistical probabilities. The laws of natural selection alone may no longer govern humans; however, whilst cloning and gene manipulation may allow human enhancement and the curing of disease, we are still constrained by the physiological limitations hard-coded into our genes. Other carbon-based life forms might utilize the same chemical structures (DNA or even RNA) as information carriers, especially with these molecules found in abundance throughout the interstellar medium. On the other hand they may be completely different. Extrapolate to the practical applications of, say, superstring physics (if it’s right) and maybe they can put their intelligence into non-biological forms. Arthur C. Clarke said that what they could do would be like magic to us. Read More →