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I’ve been fascinated with technology (and the universe in general) for as long as I can remember. I saved up my allowance and bought my first telescope when I was 8 years old. I think it was around $15-20 – you can imagine the “quality” of my viewing experience but for a kid with an imagination, it was just enough. Around the same time, my father gave me my first computer – a Tandy TRS-80. This was my first experience with programming. Who remembers BASIC? I used cardboard boxes to build a mock space shuttle console in my room using some glossy photos NASA sent me in the mail as a point of reference – yeah, no Internet back in those days :). I would spend hours pretending to be an astronaut during the day and looking at the sky at night. I wanted to fly for NASA, naturally, (what young boy doesn’t) and while that didn’t happen, I was hooked on the stars from the first moment I looked through that little telescope. I’ve been interested in gaining a better understanding of the universe (and our place in it) ever since.

What I Write and Care About
I am passionate about law, science, transformative technologies, space/SETI, and the history/future of humanity. My current research is focused on liquid cooling and applied fluid dynamics in technical applications. Feel free to connect with me on Twitter.

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Jason Carr, M.S., M.Ed.


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