Science App to Explore Human Consciousness


I was recently introduced to a new science-based initiative on Indiegogo that looks pretty exciting. Years of scientific laboratory work have gone into the project that the new app is based upon, so I thought I’d share what I’ve learned thus far. The idea of collective consciousness states that there is a real measurable relationship between human consciousness and the tangible world that we live in. This relationship is generally referred to as mind-matter interaction. This new Collective Consciousness app is designed to help us further understand these ideas.


The Research Behind the App

Researchers believe that they have produced solid evidence that the intentions or attentions in the consciousness of people can actually influence probabilistic physical systems. These studies are often based on the use of random number generators. Algorithms have been developed to produce unpredictable sequences of binary data.

Princeton University’s PEAR lab has demonstrated that the collective human consciousness can actually influence the behavior of these random number generators. This is done in a way that may be measured statistically. These findings demonstrate that it isn’t merely the result of a coincidence or reading an interpretation into otherwise irrelevant data.

The Collective Consciousness app allows you to become a part of this research. Data from the app will be collected in formal investigations of the influence of mind-matter interaction. This will help scientists to get a better idea about how everyone is truly connected. In fact, this app might be the beginning of a radically different future.

Humans and computers could interface on an entirely different level once engineers are aware of how to harness the deep connection between tangible objects and consciousness. Naturally the faster this app starts to spread the faster such research can begin. Of course using this app will also all users to look at how individual psyches interact with each other.

Random number groups generated from the app will be sent to a centrally managed server. When this is combined with location data, it can be used to look for patterns. Mass meditations or even media paranoia could have an influence on the data transmitted from the device. Currently, research has focused on how major media events influenced data, but this app would allow for the study of even local variations in what people are thinking about.

Best of all, the app also teaches about the type of research going on. It could be an excellent jumping off point for those who want to really start delving into the field of collective consciousness study. Of course, it can also just be a great way to support fresh research for those who want to make sure that their money is going to a good cause.

Crowdfunding Initiative

The app itself will be available for free. All of the money collected will go straight toward its development. Naturally, though, there are some significant costs involved with making it. The programmers believe that they need around $100,000 to correctly design it. If they are lucky enough to collect any more money than they need, the extra money will be used to ensure that a version of the app comes out for those who use Google Android. The Apple iOS platform will see the release first either way. Collected money will also be applied towards setting up servers, code and an S3 elastic hosting account for all of the data that needs to be collected.

The creators are doing their best to stretch their funds in whatever way they can. For their first formal experiment with the technology, they are not going to spend anything so that the donations can go straight to the development fund. Those who are interested can check out their website at Most people working outside of academic fields won’t get many opportunities to directly work with a scientific project of this magnitude, so it really is a rare chance to get involved.

Take a look and let me know what you think.

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