The Universe Verse Books Tell the Story of Natural History through Rhyme

The_Universe_Verse_ksThe Universe Verse is one of the more interesting and unique projects on Kickstarter that I’ve come across lately, so I thought I’d share in today’s post. A few people have tried to use comic books in the past to impart a little bit of scientific knowledge to students. In some cases, these comic books have been better known among collectors since they represent something unusual in the world of illustrated stories.

James Lu Dunbar’s guide to the origin of the universe is not merely a celebration of science presented as a comic book, however. The entire book is, as the name suggests, presented in the form of verse. While it may be ostensibly appealing to children, this kickstarter-funded project will probably attract more than just the comic book collection crowd.

Admittedly, some science fans will want to nab it for the novelty value. It certainly isn’t everyday that you find something that teaches physical history in such a unique way. That being said, the author actually has more advanced goals than merely stopping with the original Universe Verse graphic guide.

If Dunbar receives enough support he’ll be able to create a PDF coloring book of BANG! and he’ll be able to make it available to everyone. It would be perfect for printing.

While hard copy versions of the Universe Verse books are for sale, high-resolution PDF files are available for free HERE. Dunbar has made them available for anyone, though he has also designed and produced some merchandise for fans that want to support the project. Regardless of what method an individual interacts with the material, though, it’s certainly interesting.

Most people would be hard pressed to find verse used to advanced scientific topics such as nuclear fusion and the replication of DNA. Mr. Dunbar does a fabulous job in this regard. Check out his work and let me know what you think.


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