Let’s Explore Google Glass

Google Glass 1

Google Glass is thought to be the next great thing in augmented reality but most people are still not clear about how the new smart devices are going to work. The infograph below details how Google Glass is expected to work in a great way so I thought I’d share with you today. Based on the image below, there’s actually a small integrated projector that is recognized by the human eye without obscuring vision…cool. As an individual that wears glasses, I’m curious what Google is doing to accomodate those with prescription wear such as myself. The author of the infographic below has suggested that individual prisms for each user will need to be customized – something that may make the cost of the devices skyrocket. Time will tell. Either way, I am excited about the future of Google Glass and personally can’t wait to try them out. What are your thoughts on Google Glass? Are you planning on getting a pair when they’re available?

Infographic via: brille-kaufen.org

Google Glass 2

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