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In any given week, I may have multiple research papers that I’m working on for school/work. While I love the research/writing aspect, citing references has become the bane of my existence. Earlier this year, I found a service called EasyBib that has made my life much, much better. I thought I’d cover the company’s mobile app today. If you’re currently in college, I cannot recommend the service enough.

Easy Bib for the iPad

EasyBib is a great way to format citations, and it now comes in a format that’s perfect for iPad users. Of course, the original iPhone app is still supported. The app lets people scan the barcodes on printed material to instantly format citations. These citations can be emailed and exported to the EasyBib service.

This is perfect for anyone who is physically standing in a library while doing research. Those of you who take notes on their iOS mobile devices will be particularly pleased. It’s an easy way to go completely paperless with the research process. Some students like to take notes and make citations away from the classroom, and a large number of people don’t attend college in person any more.

Those using the EasyBib app can complete the entire process in the library, and return home with notes. You’ll be ready to write an essay, even if you are no longer able to access the materials you were using in the library. Reference materials are often unable to leave libraries, so researchers will certainly find this a valuable aid. Even if one is able to check out their books, using an iPad can speed up research. It can even save you from needing to use a notebook if you’re lucky.

The app also allows users to type in the names of books with the touch screen. That’s useful for anyone who is trying to cite older materials. Books printed before a certain date simply won’t carry barcodes. Typing in a title also works for those times when the code is obscured. While the app seems to be mostly focused on books for the time being, this shouldn’t be that much of a problem. A number of classes require the majority of citations to come from books, despite the fact that less and less professional research is being performed the old fashioned way.

The APA (American Psychological Association,) MLA (Modern Language Association, and Chicago styles are all supported. Most instructors except bibliography pages attached to academic research to be formatted in one of these three styles. A vast majority of students will find these options more than adequate for their needs.

Plenty of students already use the online version of EasyBib. Some of them might have paid accounts so that they can access a wider variety of citation types (I do because I typically use APA format). Regardless, you should certainly have a look at the site the next time you sit down at a desktop. The app is perfect for anyone who wants to format citations on the go. The barcode scanning function is something that most people wouldn’t otherwise have access to. Some users have had issues with the scanning function. I never have had an issue.

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