Building Brain Power with ‘Brain Trainer’ [App Review]

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Brain Trainer by Luminosity is aimed at helping those who might not get a good mental workout each day. Crossword puzzles and trivia questions can provide a quick challenge, but they’re not nearly as focused as Brain Trainer’s various exercises. Those who easily get bored with puzzles will especially like this iPhone app, because it offers so many different mini-games. People who get tired of one game shouldn’t have to wait too long before they’re able to move onto the next.

Mental exercises have been mentioned a lot lately. Neurologists have suggested that certain brain conditions can be avoided or improved by regularly using the brain. For instance, thinking in different patterns can be very helpful. While many of these exercises seem easy, they’re different from what most people do on a regular basis.

When young students are in school, they’re performing certain mental tasks that people neglect later in life. Few people go around thinking about letters and numbers on a regular basis. Brain Trainer helps to encourage these thought patterns. It’s almost as though someone took a grade school classroom and challenged adults to pass the tests they left behind years before.

While Brain Trainer is essentially a free trial, the full version is still less expensive than many similar products. Handheld console video games offer a similar experience, but at a much higher price. That means that the price isn’t anything to balk at. People considering a more expensive package might want to take a look at Brain Trainer first. Those who carry their mobile device around more often than their gaming system will certainly benefit from the platform.

Adult learners can get a lot out of this app. Memory enhancement isn’t something that happens overnight, but Brain Trainer is a great way to start working on it. When people become sedentary thinkers, the development of brain cells starts to slow down. The term neurogenesis refers to the formation of nerve cells, and changing up one’s thought processes can enhance this process quite a bit. Developing new brain cells might sound hard, but it’s easy for those who work through the exercises Luminosity offers. Of course, anyone who wants to try this program needs to keep up his or her training on a regular basis. In that respect, it’s just like an aerobics program.

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