Battle of Los Angeles: the Real Story

Few students of history spend much time examining the Battle of Los Angeles. Some people might have visited the Fort Macarthur Museum and seen the reenactment. Others might have dismissed it as an act of mass hysteria. However, there are individuals who feel that the events that took place February 24-25, 1942 involved extraterrestrial forces from another world.

Air raid sirens went off all throughout Los Angeles County during the night, and a total blackout was ordered. The 37th Coast Artillery Brigade began firing shells at what seemed to be a formation of Japanese aircraft. However, the objects that took fire seemed to take no damage. Indeed, later examinations suggested that nothing was there. Over 40 years later, military historians claimed that the event was a case of mass hysteria trigger by stray flares and a lost weather balloon. The initial target was slow moving and anti-aircraft gunners claimed that it ascended rapidly. The object’s speed increased as it rose into the night sky. Physicists feel that sort of behavior is typical of loose barrage balloons.

Strangely, several buildings were damaged by the resulting violence. Three civilians died in the fray, and three more died from heart failure related to the stress of the incident. It received some mass media coverage for a few days, and then fell out of the headlines. There are people who feel that there’s more to the story.

Japanese submarines had been spotted in various areas along the Pacific coast, and aircraft can be launched from some submergible vessels. However, records indicate that wasn’t the case. Modern UFO researchers have claimed that the event may have been due to the presence of an extraterrestrial visitor. Such a visitor would to have been able to avoid the constant onslaught of anti-aircraft fire. Then again, one could safely assume that a species capable of interstellar travel would have the ability to repel conventional weapons.

Why such a vessel would visit California during the Second World War remains a mystery. Some people have claimed that advanced civilizations would no longer have need for violent conflicts in the way humans do.

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