Edmodo in the Classroom [App Review]

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Grade books are a thing of the past for anyone that uses Edmodo. Instructors that want to save some paper might want to check out the program for this function alone. However, there’s a lot more to it. In fact, students and teachers can keep in touch with each other using the app. Some classes are even being conducted solely via the program now.

Teachers need to be careful when they use this kind of software. Some students might not have iOS devices so conventional email should be used as a backup to avoid leaving any members of the classroom out. While some instructors might want to provide physical handouts, that defeats the purpose of using a program like Edmodo. That being said, it’s compatible with just about anything that runs iOS 4 or higher.

New features include the ability to send attachments with posts. This is particularly useful for those that have use PDF files to distribute course materials. With the wide availability of public domain material on the Internet, this might quickly become a popular way to distribute electronic books. Some classes can replace their current material with text legally found on the Internet. This can make the app that much more effective.

Users who are troubled with the notification function shouldn’t worry too much. Swiping notifications should quickly get rid of them.

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