China’s New Lunar Goals

With the increased interest in space exploration due to the recent Mars mission, everyone seems to be looking up at the heavens. In fact, some researchers feel that humanity is entering into a new space race. Although China doesn’t seem to be fully funding all of its space projects, construction of a Chinese manned lunar facility is actually a major goal of that nation’s space program.

Environmentalists might also be interested in China’s extraterrestrial power generation plans. There has been a lot of talk about orbital power satellites in some circles. A network of facilities is supposed to be constructed in the near future that would beam electrical energy towards Earth to be used as a source of clean power. New energy sources are very important considering concerns over China’s emissions of greenhouse gases.

Chinese industrial developments have been prominently featured in many news stories recently. However, there are few places where politics haven’t shaped the reporting of such issues. There is a good chance that China won’t even be able to finish such illustrious projects, and they currently suffer from a lack of funding. Regardless of how one chooses to view such developments, it’s clear that all nations need to focus on the stars.

Image Credit: NASA Concept

  • I wish we got better coverage of the Chinese space missions. I feel like I’m missing out on some very exciting times by being on the wrong side of the world.

    • Jason Carr

      I agree Jim. Space exploration is one of those things that I think should remain unimpeded by politics/societal philosophies within the media. Perhaps we’ll have future channels open up that will give us more information in this regard not with just China, but across the globe. One can hope… 🙂

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