Exercise Your Brain with IBM THINK [App Review]

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IBM THINK may be best described as an interactive film. In fact, it features a ten minute long movie in high definition. Considering the famous battles that Big Blue waged with Apple, it’s actually ironic that this app is compatible with iPad devices running iOS 5.0 or later.

Users can work through five interactive modules while they ponder how human technological progress has made the world a better place. While many presentations focus on the negative aspects of industrialization, THINK attempts to inspire a new generation of engineers. Each of the modules focuses on one aspect of the invention process.

Educators may or may not have the right to use this program in the classroom. They should check first. That being said, those that may do so will certainly have a powerful lesson plan laid out for them.

While it’s not quite a toy, IBM THINK isn’t really a utility either. Regardless of what category it falls in, the program will make users think every bit as much as possible. People who want to feel inspired might want to pay particular attention to the fourth module. After all, it’s not every day that users of mobile devices get a personal speech delivered by a great thinker from the past.

  • IBM encourages educators to use the THINK Exhibit app with students. Later this year we’ll be creating curriculum based on the app with the New York Hall od Science – but don’t let that hold you up, feel free to use it in classrooms or online now.

    • Jason Carr

      Thanks for the input Laurie! You guys have done some amazing work with this app and I look forward to see what’s coming down the road. IBM’s contributions to education are likely going to be well received.

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