Teaching With an Interactive Whiteboard [App Review]

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Educreations’ Interactive Whiteboard is great for teachers, who can use it to create video tutorials or animated lesson plans. Scientists in a forgotten era always loved to draw out mathematical formula data or vectors on a blackboard. This is a high-tech example of the same thing. It’s not a bad idea for coaches or managers either.

Any iPad device running iOS 4 or later should be able to handle the software. Creating an account on the educreations website might seem to be a little superfluous to many users, but it can actually be pretty helpful for those who are ready to make the jump (and it’s absolutely free). Educators might want to use the software to save lessons to some sort of cloud hosting arrangement. They can then access them at a later date. This is great for anyone who’s found that they have to draw the same thing for five different class groups.

Astronomy fanatics (like me) might also like the iPad app, since it can be used for making observational sketches. The resolution of the iPad’s screen makes it ideal for this use, as long as the backlight is turned down enough to avoid ruining night vision. Of course, that shouldn’t be too much of a problem for the average astronomy prof anyways.

Sample Lesson Created with the Interactive Whiteboard:

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