Join Your Local Astronomy Club

Astronomy was probably the first field of science ever created. Quite a few archaeologists seem to share that opinion. Classical civilizations had what might be called an obsession with the stars. This obsession sadly didn’t carry into the modern era. Many societies are only just now rediscovering the allure of the cosmos.

Observational astronomy can be extremely expensive. Smaller countries are often priced out of the science. Fortunately, amateurs with telescopes can do much similar work as that being carried out by large research organizations today. Independent clubs have helped small communities to make a difference in recent years as well. In fact, a few organized purists can do quite a bit of work on their own. Astronomical societies are needed to monitor eclipses, meteor storms and comet sightings. These are all necessary things that people can do in their own backyards. The fact that a society in southern Asia constructed their own celestial globe shows that these organizations aren’t helpless by any means.

People have access to an unprecedented amount of information now that Internet access has become widespread. Users could easily create independent forum resources to connect with like-minded individuals. No one is tied to his or her own geographical location when technology can shrink the Earth, and this is an important part of the democratization of information. Small local societies also help to fill a void. If you’re not already a member of your local astronomical society/club, I highly recommend that you get involved ASAP.

Here’s some of the larger organizations that typically have local/regional chapters and are very good sources of information as well:


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