Carry Star Charts in Your Pocket [App Review]

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Planets by Continuum takes a 3D approach to solar system exploration. While it works great for anyone who wants to carry a planetarium and almanac in their pocket, the app does quite a bit more than put on a light show. Visibility charts and a moveable globe are just a few of the extra features that the software boasts.

After having a little fun with the planetarium features, astronomy fans should take a look at the accurate star charts. The 3D version tends to be more fun than the regular flat celestial map, but the latter might be a bit more practical for most stargazers. Since most astronomers are concerned with preserving their night vision, it could be a good idea to turn down the backlight before using this app alongside of a telescope.

Quite a few iPhone users have expressed a desire to use GoogleSky on their devices. For the time being, that doesn’t appear to be possible. Planets isn’t exactly the same thing, but users who want a similar experience would do well to check it out. The software requires iOS 3.0 or later, which means it should probably run on the majority of Apple mobile devices out there.

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