Biological Responses to Cyborg Life

While there have been a number of compelling essays on gender equality, physical differences continue to define human beings. Cyborg life forms would be without these constraints. Certain feminist authors have actually focused on this as a radical way to achieve gender equality, though other commentators have held less optimistic views.

Computer culture is probably a good indication of the way that society is moving as it approaches a technological singularity. Even though Internet technology has continued to shape the way people think, it seems that people are still slaves to their genetic code. Role-play characters are an excellent example of this.

Gamer culture focuses heavily on the ability to take on the roles of different characters. While players can create any sort of being that they wish to in a freeform role-play, many of them seem to be uncomfortable playing characters that completely lack gender roles. Neuter characters must seem alien to the human psyche.

While it is a primitive desire, humans are currently still required to reproduce to survive as a species. Cyborg life is somewhat unsettling in this respect. Few people are ready to throw away their ability to reproduce organically for instance. Mass production is frowned upon in many circles, and it might be difficult to find people who would like to apply that technique to humanity as a whole.

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