Biological Microchip Implant Surgeries

Conspiracy theories dealing with biological microchip implants have been around nearly as long as microprocessors themselves. Radiolocation isn’t a new technology, and RFID has recently become rather controversial. While many cases of alleged bio-chipping are unsubstantiated, these theories are unique because they’re somewhat realistic.

Human location devices already exist. Even cell phones have been used to track down lost people. There’s nothing to suggest that innocent civilians are currently being watched. Nevertheless, there’s also nothing to suggest that no plans are in place to eventually do just that.

People who would be watched in such a way would probably hopefully know that they’re being traced by a remote location. For that matter, biological microchips may cause some sort of health problem(s). Long-term exposure to RF energy can heat tissue and potentially cause damage. We don’t yet know what, if any, psychological effects might result in humans that are microchipped either. Household pets are often microchipped today with little/no side effects, although there have been some cases that resulted in cancerous formation around the microchip area. Despite conspiracy theorists often claiming that chips are implanted surreptitiously during surgery, side effects would make it relatively hard to do so without their knowledge over time.

Some individuals who are interested in joining the technological singularity might ultimately want to get chipped. If people can be monitored through RFID technology, then they might also be able to interface their brains through wireless networks of some kind. That could very well be the final evolution of cellular technology. With mobile phone use on the rise, this might happen sooner rather than later. Additionally, experimentations are currently being conducted that would involve using microchips as a means of internal drug delivery for those that are currently undergoing daily injections. These are just a couple of examples of the promise that this emerging technology may bring to the world. Microchipping could become so commonplace in the future that dedicated microchipping clinics would pop up all around the world. Newborns might be microchipped as soon as they’re brought into the world that would be capable of recording every event that occurs throughout their lives.

What are your thoughts on microchipping? Where do you think the technology is headed and does it worry you or not?

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