Who Built the Baigong Pipes?

Ancient aliens or just really bad art?

Many scientists have argued that people who claim archaeological remains are extraterrestrial in origin are being disrespectful to ancient civilizations. Those civilizations had to overcome countless challenges to produce remarkable structures. They developed advanced forms of engineering.

Baigong Pipe

However, Chinese researchers once seemed to take the idea of alien interference very seriously. Mount Baigong in Qinghai province boasts a particularly unusual landscape. Various objects that seem to resemble rusty pipes litter the soil. These objects are associated with what appears to be a pyramid built on the top of the mountain. This pyramid is attached to a trio of caves, though unfortunately two of the caves are now sealed off. Inside the accessible cave, there is s a half-pipe about 40 centimeters in diameter tilting from the top to the inside of the cave. Another pipe of the same diameter goes into the earth with only its top visible above the ground. Dozens of strange pipes surround the opening with diameters ranging from 10 to 40 centimeters. Their structures indicate a highly advanced and completely unknown construction technique.

Skeptics have put forth several types of geological explanations. Natural science offers explanations for many types of phenomena as well. For instance, magma flows might have caused the formation of the objects when it seeped into existing rock fissures.

However, some people remain unconvinced. There were over 3,000 UFO sightings in China in the early twenty-first century. Local residents have continued to refer to the objects as extraterrestrial relics. Yang Ji of the Purple Mountain Observatory felt that the site still needs to be examined before any conclusions could be made. Some individuals, however, have already made their own assumptions about what entities built the pyramid and pipes. What are your thoughts regarding the idea that extraterrestrials have played a part in the construction of large-scale structures on Earth in previous periods?

  • I wonder how many of the local Chinese people actual consider these ET relics?

  • Doug Jackson

    I find the idea that ancient ET’s may have played a role in helping to shape our world personally exciting. There are some pretty incredible things on our planet today that remain a mystery. I’d love to see these someday.

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