Social Constructs Vanish in the Virtual World

Everything seems to be moving to the Internet these days. Regions of the web don’t necessarily correlate to any real geographical regions and the Internet doesn’t physically exist. It’s interesting to note that virtual reality itself is a social construct.

Virtual philosophies are heavily influenced by science fiction. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Fiction is something that most people can relate with. While it’s unlikely that the present reality actually exists in another virtual universe, virtual philosophies still raise some important questions.

People in a virtual community start to develop the same sorts of social bonds that citizens of physical communities do. Technological innovation is one of the driving forces behind social change. Society itself may very well be moving towards a less concrete reality.

While it seems that human beings are moving towards a technological singularity, individual collective consciousnesses are actually starting to develop. Individuals with special interests are often unable to find people near their homes that share their hobbies.

Forums on the Internet have successfully given people with every interest a place to discuss their hobbies with like-minded folks. Knowledge flows dynamically among people with such interests. A lack of hierarchy has made the flow of knowledge considerably more democratic than it is in the real world. Therefore, it’s safe to conclude that a virtual world already exists today.

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