Robots in Prisons [Video]

Most people interested in futurism have already heard that Korean prisons have been experimenting with robotic prison guards. Robots have largely replaced humans in extremely repetitive jobs throughout the world. Even people that lack a general interest in robotics have seen the mechanical arms used in automobile factories. While prison detail is rather repetitive, it isn’t the sort of thing that usually gets associated with automation.

Robotic devices are quickly becoming more like human beings. However, in another sense it might suggest that humans are becoming more robotic. Since robots are apparently able to perform tasks that would otherwise require quick decision-making, we can reasonably deduct that people are becoming rather mechanical in their own right. As the collective human consciousness grows, one can only assume that people will continue to think in a certain way that will allow them to act more like a single individual.

While this could open up the opportunity for individuals to start to physically interface with machines in ways that were previously unimaginable, it could also allow for robots to simply replace humans in certain tasks wholesale. The future technological utopia could be far different from the usual horrifying image of humans being replaced with machines.

Instead, humanity might be headed for a society where machines perform all dangerous or rote tasks that humans wish to otherwise avoid. As the human race becomes more sophisticated, they will surely want to focus their time on new advanced pursuits. Robotic law enforcement might ensure the safety of people in cities that have not yet been built. Apparently, a prison in Pohang is already reaping the benefits of a mechanical workforce. It will be interesting to see if other prison facilities follow in their footsteps in the years ahead.

Image Credit: Orion Pictures

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