Robotic Telesurgery in Space

Telemedicine is a field that uses telecommunications technology to provide healthcare at a distance. Certain computer systems can be linked to a physician’s office for diagnostic purposes. Different clinics and hospitals can be linked together. In the future, telemedicine could be used to perform robotic surgeries in space.

Some forms of telemedicine have been in use since the 1970s. Interest in the field of minimally invasive surgical procedures led to the development of surgical robots in the late 1980s. Transcontinental surgery has actually become a reality to some degree. New medical procedures might be preformed in space.

This opens up new opportunities for long-term space missions. Space colonists would not need to worry about being able to provide adequate healthcare resources for their colonies. Remote controlled machinery could take over the job of a human surgeon. No one would have to worry if the unspeakable were to happen to the doctor on a mission.

Weightlessness brings with it a certain set of challenges for surgical teams. Robots could overcome these challenges. Perhaps the most interesting opportunities come from the lack of educational opportunities in space. Children descended from space colonists could easily benefit from telementoring. Medical training can already be delivered remotely. Consultancy telemedicine allows for individuals that experience communications problems to continue to use this technology. Perhaps this is the future of medical care as we move closer to exoplanetary colonization and exploration in the years ahead.

SRI International Tests M7 Robot in Zero Gravity

Researchers from SRI International conducted the first-ever robotic surgery demonstration in a simulated zero-gravity environment.


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Image Credit: A.Pollinger

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