Unidentified Future Objects?

The current model of physics, far from outlawing time travel, stipulates that it could be theoretically possible in a variety of different ways. It was Albert Einstein who first discovered the curious phenomenon of time dilation, in which time progresses more slowly at extremely high velocities. Since then, many scientists have injected their input into the debate. One of the most respected of these is Cambridge Professor Stephen Hawking, who once stated that: “If time travel were possible, we’d already be inundated by tourists from the future.” Perhaps Hawking is more right than he even realized when he made the comment.

Since 1940 there have been tens of thousands of documented UFO sightings throughout the world. Unequivocally, there will be many hoaxes and mistakes scattered amongst these. But can all these people be mistaken or lying? It is without doubt considerably unlikely. However, it would also be stretching the imagination to assert that any extraterrestrial race possessing the capability of interstellar travel would be remotely interested in a species so primitive in comparison – at least not interested enough to fly through millions of miles of space to get here! An elegant solution to the conundrum might be found in the notion that UFOs are not visitors from another place, but rather from another time.

There are several recurring themes in UFO reports which could potentially be explained by this idea. Most notably, the consistently humanoid appearance of “extraterrestrials” becomes inevitable if they actually are human! The traditional saucer shape of visiting craft would also have particular relevance. Any object capable of spinning around its own axis is able to reach high speeds significantly easier thanks to economy of motion. Traveling in a circle might not be much use if you’re trying to move through space, but it provides the most energy efficient method of moving through time!

Essentially, there is a worldwide enigma with at least three possible explanations. The thumping headache to those with an interest in UFO phenomena is that all three seem bizarre to consider. Upon closer inspection however, only one seems to fall within the boundaries of what could be considered not to be mathematically improbable. Today experiments are being conducted using the Large Hadron Collider at the European Centre for Nuclear Research, which involve quantum particles being accelerated to beyond 99.9 percent the speed of light. If our technology allows us to do such things today, then just imagine what it will permit in 3010? And however fantastical that might be, how much more will we be able to achieve if given another thousand years? Or five thousand years? Ten thousand years? The progression of technology works exponentially: we learn twice as quickly once we know twice as much.

The mystery of the UFO has pervaded society for centuries, and in all likelihood will continue to do so for countless more to come. We might never have an adequate explanation. However, we might already possess one: at some distant, far-flung point in our own human evolution. What do you think?

  • YOU HAVE SUCH AN INTERESTING BLOG! Okay, so here’s my take on time travel: Like Hawking, I believe travel to the PAST is not possible, or we would know about it by now. However, I believe if anything, we can travel FORWARD in time. I think we will eventually have the technology to construct some sort of vehicle that will reach speeds close to that of the speed of light (or at least a fraction of it – 1/10th, 1/5th, etc.). The person traveling in this vehicle will experience time much slower than the people observing (in reality they will be traveling much faster). So, theoretically, this person can travel hundreds, thousands, maybe even millions of years forward in time in their lifetime (depending how close we get to the speed of light). Yep, that’s my take. The reason we don’t see anybody from the future is because time-travelers are only going forward!

    If we can construct something that travels as fast as the particles in the Large Hadron Collider, I could travel a million years into the future without getting a 5 o’ clock shadow!

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  • Thanks re. blog…hope many others feel the same way over time lol.

    Good thoughts regarding time travel. Hopefully others will chime in on this soon…this is an area I’m definitely interested in because I think we have to develop that near speed of light level you’re talking about in order to truly explore the universe beyond our own galaxy. I could go on for days on this subject and will certainly be writing more on this subject moving forward. Thanks so much for the input!

  • Wow Jason I’m honored to be added on your blog…THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

  • Arn.Sweden.

    Aliens are spirits from the Earth.


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